All’s Fair in Art and War

War is ugly. It’s hostile, it’s destructive, and even the “winners” end up losing too in a lot of ways. Art is the antithesis of war. It’s creative, awe-inspiring, and an extremely powerful and underrated tool for human expression. Wars are ignited by fear; art is inspired by curiosity.

So, why the comparison of art and war? Because it goes hand-in-hand with our Artwear Uniform collection. If you haven’t had a chance to browse the collection on our website, take a look by clicking  here

The reason for putting art on clothing once intended for war is to give it an entirely new narrative and purpose. Instead of representing destruction and fear, it now becomes a canvas for something beautiful and creative. For many of the pieces, the art also represents something specific about the country it comes from. For example, the “Edelweiss” Swiss camo jacket features a giant hand-painted edelweiss flower on the back, which is the national flower of Switzerland. Flowers embody so much beauty and life, so you’ll often see them used not only on the artwear, but in much of our content. Being a sustainable brand, we are always inspired by nature. It is the highest and purest form of art and design.

Be sure to check our Artwear Uniform collection often to see more one-of-a-kind pieces from upcycled uniforms around the world, and follow us on social media to see some behind the scenes content of the creative process. This collection is quite literally the Art Of Uniformity®.