Five Things Nurses Should Consider When Choosing Scrubs

The humble uniform, throughout history, has been a garment to both bring people together, and to divide them. Thankfully, these days we see uniforms as something else – functional fashion. In the medical field, this is very important. Fashion scrubs for nurses show that you are part of the team but still allow your personality to shine. Here are five things nurses should consider when choosing their scrubs.

1.  Fit

Going through the entire day in something that is either so baggy that it impedes movement, or so tight or pinching that it creates discomfort is the last thing any nurse needs. Even standard off-the-rack scrubs should fit perfectly – so don’t shy away from tailoring. Tailoring is a fast and easy way to get the best fit when choosing fashion scrubs for nurses.

2.  Fashion

When you put on a uniform, your personal style does not have to be erased. If your hospital allows for personalizing your scrubs, choose patterns and colors that reflect the real you. You’ll be happier feeling like “yourself” despite being in a uniform all day.

3.  Sustainability

Fashion scrubs for nurses, like the ones we create here at the Art of Uniformity®, allow you to wear premium, sustainable garments that reduce harm to the planet without ever sacrificing comfort and style.

4.  On and off the job

Being smart with money and fashion is what is “in style” right now. When you wear fashion scrubs for nurses that are stylish and creative, you can wear them both on and off the job. This saves you money and gives your wardrobe much more mileage. A great way to work smarter, not harder!

5.  A new movement

As noted above, uniforms don’t always have the greatest reputation. Some uniforms are instantly recognizable as something to fear; for example, uniforms worn by brutal military movements. On the other hand, some uniforms inspire hope; for example, the sight of a Red Cross uniform on a battlefield. Whether you consider uniforms “good” or “bad,” they all have the same function – they instantly show where you are and who you are within a group. Being part of a group with a strong identity can sometimes overshadow your own personality within it. However, groups are strong when they are made up of individual members with something important to offer. You never want to feel like you are not “yourself” just because you are in a uniform.

Fashion scrubs for nurses, like the ones we create here at Art of Uniformity®, take this notion to the next level. Nurses are an incredibly valued and important group; and you as an individual have every right to show what you bring to that group. Let fashion speak for you when you are a part of a group where everyone looks the same.