Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Size Scrubs

You want your distinguished service and your individuality to be recognized, but in a uniform, what you stand for and where you fit in (rank, level, unit, etc.) are assumed at first glance. Uniforms are important for nurses; teamwork in a healthcare setting saves lives. However, you still need to let your personality and style shine. So, don’t settle for any old scrubs! Get scrubs that reflect the real you. Fashion scrubs for nurses let you stand out when you must fit in. But – it all starts with the fit.

Does this fit me?

The fit of clothing goes beyond the obvious signs of pants being too short or gaps in the button line. Here are some signs of ill-fitting scrubs. Later, we will discuss why it matters.

Too long

“Too short” is an individual choice. Scrubs can rise above the ankle or fit on the calf like capris. The length should be determined by the style. However, long pants that catch under the heel are a hazard. If your designer scrubs need pinned hems or turned up cuffs, head to a tailor to fix the fit.

A pinch here or there

It may look great when you are posed in front of the mirror, but do your scrubs pinch or pull when you move around? If the waistband “walks” and gives you a wedgie, if you are constantly pulling piled fabric out of your inner elbows, or if the collar has to be loosened frequently, your scrubs don’t fit. You want clothes that flatter your form but not at the expense of comfort.

You go by size and not by fit

Are you sure you are the size you think you are? Women’s sizing in the fashion industry is completely arbitrary. Rather than only buying scrubs in your ideal size, forget the number on the tag. Go with what fits and flatters. Remember, vanity sizing is a thing. You are not a number and you have every right to feel comfortable in your clothing.

Why fit matters

What you wear impacts your day. Constantly feeling irritated by clothing that rides up, pinches, is far too loose or chafes is distracting. As a nurse, you cannot afford distractions that take your focus off the patients in your care. Finding fashion scrubs for nurses lets your individuality shine, but always start with the fit.

Where to find fashion scrubs for nurses?

Art of Uniformity® redefines the concept of uniforms. Fashion scrubs for nurses are designed to let you look and feel your best while on the job. For example, our “Strategos” scrub jacket from our medical uniform collection features a modern, unisex fit, tons of pockets for storage, and an adjustable waist and sleeve opening to choose between a tighter or looser fit. Our jacket is as comfortable as it is stylish, and of course, it’s sustainable. Made in Los Angeles from 100% brushed organic cotton, this style gives you tons of styling options on or off your shift. And soon you’ll be able to wear the “Strategos” with your Art of Uniformity® designer scrub set! The scrubs will be available for preorder very soon, so be sure to sign up for our mailing list to find out when and receive a 25% discount on your first order. Click here to browse more collections.