What Does Authenticity Mean To You?

Guest blog written by nurse, author and mentor, Jannel Gooden

What does authenticity mean to you? What does it mean to show up as your fullest and most real self? How does that reflect in the way you speak? How is that reflected in your choice of style? Can people feel your truth when you enter a room or are you muted by all the layers of pretend you wear?

I ask this because authenticity is so important to our patients as members of any healthcare team. There is no connecting with my very vulnerable patients if I haven’t made a commitment to being my whole self in their presence. I’m able to build trust that way and facilitate in their healing. I become someone they can relate to. I’m not just a cold stranger poking in their personal life. I become someone they can trust.

I want my patients to relate to something real. Something imperfect. Just as they are. A human to human connection. I want them to feel how committed I am to their healing. That starts with me feeling comfortable…

Feeling comfortable in my clothes. Being able to show a bit of who I am through the fabric.

Yes, as nurses we wear uniforms, but our uniforms can still reflect our individuality. They can still reflect our strengths and our softness. Not just meaningless threads we throw on, but thoughtfully curated pieces of hope. Because as a profession, we represent a model of healing and compassion. When I walk into any room, I want my scrubs to embody my personality and my profession.

This is why Art of Uniformity’s scrub capsule means so much to me. It represents that authenticity and the diverse ways in which we show up as nurses. It’s giving us the means to embrace the things that make us all unique, both in our work and personal lives. It’s checking that other box and giving space to what’s otherwise overlooked in our profession. But we exist. With our big hair and quirky style. It gives us permission to show up as our true selves. When we are given permission to be ourselves, we allow our patients the room to show up as themselves. To speak their truth. To tell us every ache and pain no matter how vulnerable it makes them feel. Because in a world that chooses to pretend, being who you truly are can feel a bit raw. Art Of Uniformity® represents that raw. The much-needed shakeup to healthcare apparel.

I hope you find a bit more of yourself in these scrubs. I hope you feel real in these scrubs. I hope another layer of pretend falls away. And most importantly, I hope your patients are better because of it. So, let’s cheers to style marrying scrubs and birthing authenticity. Because that’s the only way I’m willing to show up for my patients.

Jannel Gooden is a baccalaureate prepared registered nurse hailing from Bronx, New York. With her 8 years of experience as a registered nurse, she has worked in some of the most highly-ranked children’s hospitals in the country. Jannel has solidified her presence in the online world through her social media account @NoviceistheNewNurse, where she spends and focuses her time on creating digestible and relatable content that resonates deeply with new nurses all over the world.