Art Of Uniformity uniform styles

We all wear uniforms. Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but what we choose to wear in certain environments and situations (black t-shirt and jeans at work, yoga pants with a loose knit top for running errands, etc.) becomes one of our many “uniforms.” These uniforms you wear are a visual representation of not just who you are, but how you feel (or hope to feel) while you’re wearing them. You tell a different story every time you change your clothes. 

Art Of Uniformity® combines traditional uniform elements with avant-garde design to create classic, versatile styles with a touch of novelty to help you tell those stories. Each design is the catalyst for inspiration that leads to the curation of your personal uniform styles, creating a form of wearable art. Your body is the canvas, your clothing the tools, and you are the artist. This is Art Of Uniformity®.